Learning Matters: a Bridge to Practice

#38 Learning Matters with Almetta Pitts

January 28, 2021 Almetta Pitts Season 2 Episode 2
Learning Matters: a Bridge to Practice
#38 Learning Matters with Almetta Pitts
Show Notes

Learning Matters series on convening methodologies for holding space for hope, healing and restoration.

Today we have with us Almetta Pitts discussing “interrupting the ouch” and somatic abolitionism – embodied anti-racist practice and cultural building one brave space at a time.

Almetta supports individuals, communities, organizations and companies who seek to interrupt the “status quo” of workplace wellness. She facilitates brave spaces that cultivate tough conversations around diversity, equity and belonging founded within coined methodology of somatic wellness and anti-racist practices (SWAP). 

 She has significant experience of co-curating  somatic impact  experiential learning experiences via the collaboration of leading organizations, companies and institutions. She is the Founder and Principal Consultant  of Attemla Consulting, LLC.  

 Attemla Consulting's areas of activism focus upon workplace & leadership wellness via trauma informed care, organizational change, restorative justice, radical self-care, strategic development,  racial equity and social justice. Our interactive anti-racist training series, inter-group dialogues and strategic planning retreats empower our clients and their teams to explore the public health epidemic(s) of  Systemic Racism and the School to Prison Pipeline.  We also explore “somatic based anti-racist philosophies of navigating tough conversations within the workplace.” 

To find out more about Almetta’s work, check out: www.attemlaconsulting.com

The Map Ministry: https://thenapministry.wordpress.com/

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